Live Love Stay Up - Double Disc CD
E.N Young

Live Love Stay Up - Double Disc CD

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 (CDs include songs, dub versions & acoustic versions of every song)
1.)     Inspiration (feat. Maad T-Ray)
2.)     Eye Of The Storm
3.)     Be Back Real Soon
4.)     Never Leave Your Side (feat. Gonzo)
5.)     Overpowering Blessed Love (feat. Tribal Seeds)
6.)     Creation Rebel
7.)      Live (feat. Ooklah The Moc, Father Psalms)
8.)      Love Love Love
9.)      Stay Up
10.)    Inspiration DuB
11.)     Eye Of The DuB
12.)     Be Back DuB
13.)     Never Leave DuB
14.)     Overpowering Blessed DuB
15.)     Creation DuB
16.)     Live DuB
17.)      Love Love Love DuB
18.)     Stay Up DuB
19.)     Inspiration (acoustic)
20.)     Eye Of The Storm (acoustic)
21.)      Be Back Real Soon (acoustic)
22.)     Never Leave Your Side (acoustic)
23.)     Overpowering Blessed Love (acoustic)
24.)     Creation Rebel (acoustic)
25.)     Live (acoustic)
26.)     Love Love Love (acoustic)
27.)      Stay Up (acoustic)
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